Rail Nation-Free Browser-based Strategy Game

What do you do when you are bored?

What do you do when you are tired?

Rail Nation may bring you pleasure and relaxation.

What is Rail Nation

Rail Nation is a browser-based railway strategy game. No need to install, register for free to play.

Millions of fans worldwide devote their spare time to the fascination and enjoyment of tracks, locomotives and routing. Popular board games, computer games and even TV series revolve around railways – however, until now, no contemporary online game has managed to fascinate its audience.

In Rail Nation, all interested strategy gamers and railway fans from all over the world can go around to 50 realistic European cities. They are given the chance to start up their own railway company, manage transports on a daily basis and to team up with associations in order to finally become the victorious single player or group of players.

Rail Nation facts
Publisher:Travian Games GmbH
Developer:Bright Future GmbH
Type:Free browser game, requires Flash
Genre:Railway strategy
Online since:Open beta since January 2013
Game data
  • 113 engine upgrades
  • 50 cities per map
  • 1708 industries per map
  • Approx. 500 avatar graphics
  • 11 station buildings with 294 level upgrades
  • 120 workers
  • 25 players per association
Rail Nation Key Features

You will become a railroad entrepreneur and build your own empire. Extend your railroad system and open up the most lucrative routes. Your railway empire will expand indefinitely in your hands.

Choose from 50 cities as your starting point. Connect other cities to your rail network and deliver goods to them. Create megacities and in a thrilling endgame once again request deliveries of all goods.

In addition to the interesting and challenging game content, the audiovisual effects are equally exciting.

The new Rail Nation edition “Steam over Europe” contains authentic maps of Europe and shows the most beautiful settings with the most famous sights. Real scenes, gorgeous visual effects, and sound effects will make you completely immersed in your train empire.


Rail Nation is an entertaining game to pick up and play from time to time to further progress your train empire even if not much manual input is required. While the game does contain a premium currency aspect, it fortunately doesn’t force the player to spend any real money.

Rail Nation is recommended to both train and strategy game enthusiasts.